This is the fourth of a series featuring the New Zealand gardens I visited last month. This post features two  gardens, the public garden in Rotorua, and the Botanic Garden of  Christchurch. What was most impressive about these two gardens were the garden designs in terms of colour. We were bedazzled by the bold mix of colours which transformed the flower beds into rich tapestry laid out on the green grass. Wouldn’t you love to have  carpets  like these in your home?

White speckled with red...spectacular.

Lollipop and candy colours.

Featuring the vermilion lollipop...

Warm and cool colours do mix well.

A triumphant trio.

Successful pairing of white and purple.

Predominantly purple...not half bad.

Pretty pastels.

Most alluring, don't you think?

Finally...check out this is like snow on the ground.


Posted November 18, 2010 by mygardenhaven1 in garden designs


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  1. I want all those bed flowers. They are fantastic.

  2. Gorgeous color. Really an eye opener in this dull and drab Niagara Falls morning. Thanks for the wake me up. LOL. Pretty images.

  3. Those flower beds are fantastic, the colours are so vibrant, very tempted to get on a plane to come and visit.

    • Hi Simon,
      Haha…I had just taken a plane and regretfully left these pretty flowers three weeks ago. These were taken on my visit to New Zealand. My next post will feature the South Island gardens of Dunedin, Oamaru and Queenstown. You don’t have to take a plane to visit…just click on my post! 🙂

  4. The thing I like best in your photos is the sunshine. There won’t be much around here for a few months, so the respite via computer screen is nice. I’d love to visit NZ someday, but for some reason pictured it more jungle-y rather than tulip-y.

    Christine in Alaska, no tulips or jungles

    • Hi Christine,
      If you want jungles, the right place to go to is right here in Malaysia! I’ll try to gather some jungle-y shots from right here in my garden… will dedicate that post to you!
      Your friend from the j… er tropics I mean,

  5. Wow, NZ is truly a very beautiful place! I like your new ‘image’ very much.

  6. lovely….

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