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I am a bit behind on my first posting for Blooming Friday, but I really want to jump in and be part of  Roses And Stuff’s meme this week as I have  white sprinkled all over my garden!

These are some of my favourite  splashes of white:

My blushing fair ladies...

There they are, wall-flowers at a ball...too shy to say 'Hi'.

The amazing, captivating belle of the ball!

These social butterflies are happy to be seen at any gathering.

For more blooms on Blooming Friday, visit Roses And Stuff and have a ball.


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16 responses to “BLOOMING FRIDAY

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  1. Hi! So glad you joined in for Blooming Friday! Your pictures are gorgeous! The big, white flower makes me curious – don’t think I’ve seen that one before.

  2. Hi Katarina,
    Thanks for such an immediate response…happy to meet you. Oh the flower is a lotus. A free-flowering plant as long as I remember to fertilize it.

  3. Hi Rosie

    I too have lost of white in my garden today, unfortunately it is not from the flowers but a heavy frost and a light sprinkling of snow. Which will probably have finished off the roses that were still blooming.


  4. Your roses make a lovely wallflower. My Iceberg Roses are still a bloom, yet may be covered in snow today. Their name is from their color and not their ability to bloom in snow, poor babies. 😀

    • Fortunately for me, Donna, the Iceberg Roses grow well in the tropics, I have always had them, in the different gardens of houses I have lived in for the past 10 years. Other varieties do not thrive here, so I have to rely on miniature roses.
      I do love the irony of your icebergs not being able to survive in winter, yet mine is gloriously basking in the hot equatorial sun, here in my garden.

  5. Hi Rosie,
    All your flowers are so pretty. Is the third picture lotus.

    • Hi Diana,
      Thank you. Yes it is a lotus. I’m sure you can grow them in your garden since you are able to have curry leaves and other tropical herbs there.
      Happy gardening for your kitchen needs.

  6. Good morning Rosie (at least here in Tennessee), Nice to ‘meet’ you. Your garden is lovely. I saw a few of your posts on Blotanical and especially your own tropical paradise. I love those topiaried trees and am looking forward to seeing where the path leads. The roses are perfect. Winter white I can call them this morning on this cold day here. I wish I could smell them to have a whiff of summer!

    • Good evening Tina,
      It is 11.30pm here. I’m so glad you like my posts on my own garden. I’ve just got started and am unstoppable when I talk about what’s going on there. I’m working on my next post right now about the sweetest of gardens. Should be ready to pop out of the oven by midnight!

  7. Lovely spray roses and your lotus flower is stunning! Nice to see you joining Blooming Friday. Have a good weekend!

  8. Cheers to you too Rosie! I knew you were on a different time zone. Blogging can be so addicting so have fun with it. I’ll keep checking back in too.

  9. Really lovely photos. Have a nice day/Gela

  10. Hi Gela,
    Welcome! You are my first visitor from Norway. Thank you for the comment.

  11. The blooms are gorgeous and I bet they smell nice too!

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