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Oops, missed posting Today’s Flowers on Sunday. However, these flowers from my garden would be sorely disappointed if I didn’t feature them this week, so here they are…presenting today’s flowers… the brilliant Ixora!


Peak performance mode.

Take a bow...

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My thanks to TF team Santilli – Denise – Pupo – Sandy Carlson for hosting this interesting meme.


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11 responses to “TODAY’S FLOWER

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  1. Beautiful to see on this bleak and cold morning in the eastern US. Carolyn

  2. Those look like hummingbird heaven! I doubt I can grow those outdoors but I wonder if they’d do well in pots for me.

  3. Wow !!! Beautiful !!! I never see one like this.

  4. Hi Rosie! I wanted to let you know that I’m changing how entries will be submitted to the blog carnival. I’d really love to have your winged beans on the next issue so I was hoping you’d submit your link with the new method:

  5. I have never seen this one. It is really a stunner.

  6. Hi Donna,
    They are really spectacular, even before the petals open up(in the first photo) – they are like needles.

  7. The flowers are like brilliant red balls of fire!

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