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Moving to a new address   5 comments

Hi friends,

I’m in the process of moving to a new blog site, so  there will be no new posts from this site. My new address is:

I should be fully prepared to resume posting in a weeks’ time.

Have a jolly holiday and Merry Christmas to all.

Love, Rosie


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Christmas Dessert in My Sun Room   13 comments

Passionfruit Cheesecake in Martini Glasses

In my Garden Sun Room 🙂

The red Begonia is real, you know?

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Fer’s Blog Carnival   7 comments

Norfolk Island Pines
This pine can indeed grow even taller, up to a height of eighty feet! Wouldn’t want that in my garden.

The leaves look soft as they nod and sway in the wind, but they are rough to the touch.

Just look at the textures…perfectly airbrushed by Nature.

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Blooming Friday   27 comments

What’s on my window-sill? Right now, there is a pink begonia which I propagated from a stem cutting and is beginning to look oh-so presentable for the camera.

Young begonia, just beginning to learn how to flower.

Getting some attention from an admirer.

The white ducks feeling upstaged by the begonias you think?

Smile for the close up, my dear.

For more blooms on Blooming Friday, click on the the link on the sidebar.

Thanks to Katarina for hosting this meme.

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Wordless Wednesday   10 comments

Flower or bird?

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