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Norfolk Island Pines
This pine can indeed grow even taller, up to a height of eighty feet! Wouldn’t want that in my garden.

The leaves look soft as they nod and sway in the wind, but they are rough to the touch.

Just look at the textures…perfectly airbrushed by Nature.


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7 responses to “Fer’s Blog Carnival

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  1. I like your pine trees. They look healthy and straight. The closeup photo shows the beauty of the beautiful pine needles. Most of the similar pine trees I see in my neighbourhood are slanted or croocked. Yours is straight!

    • Maybe it is because they are sheltered by the garden wall, Autumn Belle. Yes, I agree that close-ups bring our attention to the beauty that we don’t often notice. Amazing how the camera makes Nature even grander than it is.

  2. Love your ‘Christmas tree’, should be lovely with Christmas decorations!

  3. Very pretty plant. Very exotic looking with great texture.

  4. Hi Donna,
    Yes, the texture is unique, different from the other pine trees we are familiar with.

  5. Hi!Your pine looks great! I always like to touch those leafs, but yeah they always are much harder than they seem.

    Thank you very much for joining the carnival! and sorry for the late reply, Hope to see more of your blog

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