Moving to a new address   5 comments

Hi friends,

I’m in the process of moving to a new blog site, so  there will be no new posts from this site. My new address is:

I should be fully prepared to resume posting in a weeks’ time.

Have a jolly holiday and Merry Christmas to all.

Love, Rosie


Posted December 9, 2010 by mygardenhaven1 in Categories

5 responses to “Moving to a new address

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  1. Hi Rosie

    I hope the move goes well for you and doesn’t add too much stress to the Christmas holiday for you.

    Wishing you a very merry Christmas


  2. I was thinking this is the best time to move anyway…thanks for the moral support. Be seeing you soon.

  3. I will be following. I guess that means we will have to re-fav blogs again. Since you have a new address, I will make sure to fav you again.

  4. Hi Donna,
    Thanks…this is why I fink blotanical is great for garden bloggers…you’ve become a dear friend in a matter of two months. Will be so happy when you visit me.

  5. Since your new post is not listed in the New Blogs list, but this one is something must have happened in the interim. When you click on your blog name it gives an error message about your header. You can still write to Stuart because this happened to another blogger I visit daily. I could not pick her posts either. She wrote and it was fixed.

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