Hi there you garden lovers from all over Malaysia, apa khabar?

I was inspired today to set up a Malaysian garden bloggers’ corner here since I keep meeting interesting Malaysian garden bloggers whom I would love to get to know better because we live on the same patch of garden, so to speak. I feel that we can share so much more than ideas and tips about our common love of gardening through our blogs. We are literally neighbours, and we can share seeds, plants, cuttings, you name it…anything to do with gardening.

Some of our blogger friends in other countries who live close enough have visited one another and blogged about it. We could do that too, if we have got to know one another well enough and wished to do so.

What do you think of that? This idea came to me when I was reading p3chandan’s post on his mulberry fruits. I so badly wanted to know more about planting mulberries in Malaysia from him, and wished I could call him on the phone. So this is a good place to start. We meet at …not a real teh-tarik corner or a real kopi tiam, but in this virtual Malaysian garden bloggers’ corner!

For a start, we could all meet on this page and get to know one another through a meme called Our Tagline where we post the following:

1. A photograph of you and something from your garden .You do not necessarily have to be in the photograph if you are too shy (some gardeners are too “segan” to be photographed). However, the photograph should show  a part of you, e.g your hands holding a flower, or your shadow  on the ground, or part of your shoulder…you get the idea. Get creative! If you like, you could send in a photo of yourself  jumping with joy in front of your coconut tree at the sight of the first coconut on the tree!

2.A tagline of your own invention using the acronym MGBC. So, it could be “My  Garden Banyak Cantik”. Yup, feel free to add Malay, Manglish, whatever you wish.This tagline of yours is added as your photo caption.

3. Link your post to the link below whenever you have a new photo of a plant, or project you want to share with us, or whenever you feel like it. You will find the inlinkz wizard below.

That’s it…as easy as 1,2,3!

You can visit our Corner by clicking this image on my sidebar:

Malaysian Garden Bloggers' Corner

Now, when you visit our virtual teh tarik stall or kopi tiam, you can share whatever you would like to share with us in the comment box.It could be a gardening tip about mango trees, or tips on how to cook and serve the vegetables from your vegetable patch, or whatever strikes you as share-worthy, or even a funny story about your garden exploits.
Alternatively, you could ask for advice, or tips, etc via the comment box. The answers to your queries will come NOT from any resident expert, (for I am not an expert) but from you members yourselves who visit the Corner. All of us are actually experts in one way or another where plants and gardening are concerned, so we are able to help one another with just about any gardening problem. Isn’t that wonderful?

This is going to be so useful to everyone of us. I hope p3chandan drops in soon, as I need an answer from him about when I can expect my mulberry trees to start fruiting. I shall anxiously await his visit.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re not a Malaysian garden blogger, that does not matter, we cordially invite you to visit us at our coffee corner here, as we love to entertain our garden blogger friends from every corner of the world. This is going to be a great garden party!!!




Posted December 3, 2010 by mygardenhaven1


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  1. Oh yes, friends – for those who do not have a photo to submit, just add your tagline in the comment box. There’s one section where I shall gather all the taglines and put them in a list – the MGBC Tagline Roll. So get those taglines rolling.


    You can send more than one entry on any day of the week.
    The meme ends on 5th February after which we vote for the most catchy tagline. The tagline with the most votes will be our MGBC Tagline of the year!
    Happy Taglining!

  3. Hi Rosie, Im a her not a him..:-)

  4. Oh my dear, sorry about that. Welcome, Chandan. (Is that how I should address you, dearie?)
    May I have the answer to the mulberry question? I was fascinated by your photos of the fruit, and your write-up, and can’t wait for mine to produce fruit!

    TOPIC: Mulberry propagation

    I had grown 2 mulberry plants taken from cuttings in May this year. They have grown up to a height of 5 feet. When will they start fruiting? Or do I have to prune the plants to induce the fruiting?

    • You need to prune them more often then they will start fruiting in less than a month. 01 tip pluck the healthy mulberry leaves after pruning and wash them and dry them in the sun for at least 03 days. the dried leaves to cut into pieces and keep in an air tight jar.Walah you have fresh Mulberry tea leaves: good for diabetes and liver cleansing.

      marie gerardine teo
  5. Its ok Rosie, you can call me p3chandan or chandan, its fine by me.

    To your question, well Im not really an expert in mulberry tree, Im sharing a bit of knowledge from my own experience in planting them and also you can get a lot of info from the internet too. You can start pruning your tree by removing smaller branches and let few main ones remain so that the tree will not be too tall and get bushier later. For my first pruning, I will cut the top to 1/2 or 3/4 of the tree, remove smaller branches, remove all the leaves so the tree will be naked! Usually they start shooting new leaves say 1 week later or sooner. From then on they will start to produce flowers. So good luck with your tree!

  6. Chandan, your detailed explanation makes you an expert in my opinion. Thank you so much.I shall try this method tomorrow. I shall report to you the outcome. As soon as the flowers appear, we’ll celebrate, ok?

  7. Ok Rosie..have a great weekend gardening!

  8. Hi DOMO,
    Thank you for sending in the first photo and caption. What a great shot of you at a garden party with Alice in wonderland!
    And I love your blog. Those cupcakes and cookies look irresistible.

  9. Do you know the benefits of mulching your plants? You can really save lots of time on gardening chores and instead, spend more time admiring it. Click on my id profile to view the article.

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