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When you have visited so many gardens within the span of three weeks as I had, sometimes it is hard to recall what a particular garden looks like. I usually rely on the hardscape the designers had  planned into the garden as markers. Of course, sometimes it is the natural features like a stream, river or lake that makes the garden memorable. Or it could be a unique statue, or even an endearing garden ornament that does the trick.

In this fifth post in my series of New Zealand gardens, I’ll be featuring the distinquishing features of  gardens,  in particular the Oamaru Public Garden,   Queenstown and Dunedin Botanic Gardens, Trotts Garden and some private gardens of homes we passed along our journey from North Island to South Island.

An eye-catching feature.

Unforgettable...cherry blossom dreams.

A low stone bridge that blends with the background.

How about this? Creative, eh?

A Roman touch...

Like any of the features you see? Well, I love the red bridge, but since I can’t have one in my garden, as there’s no stream running across my property, alas, I’ll just settle for these garden ornaments…or the quaint signs that I came across in the gardens of people in New Zealand.

This gentleman should give your patio a touch of class.

Love the sentiment expressed there.

Nice touch.

Spoken like a true gardener.

Might consider a wishing well for my garden...this would certainly attract visitors..

This could be scaled down to place in my backyard, couldn't it?

Or maybe I should just import this from my friend Woo's front porch. Very ornamental, won't stray too far away, and will work for 2 meals a day.

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